What is Fragrance?

Fragrance oils are those delicious smelling, scrumptiously tempting oils that allow you to create a soap that smells like fresh baked bread, strawberry cheesecake or a cool ocean breeze. They are absolutely a treat for the senses… but are they safe?

What are fragrance oils made from?

Fragrance oils may contain a percentage of natural essential oils, but due to cost and availability, most fragrance oil manufacturers use synthetic ingredients. There are more than 3,000 materials that can be used to create fragrance oils, yet because fragrances are protected under “trade secret” laws, manufacturers are not required to disclose those ingredients… so they don’t!

So, what is a fragrance oil made from? Your guess is as good as mine!

What we DO know:

Many fragrance oils contain phthalates.
·    Phthalates are group of synthetic chemicals with many purposes, from making plastics more flexible to creating long lasting fragrances

·         *Phthalates pose the following risks:
o   Organ system toxicity (non-reproductive)
o   Endocrine system
o   Reproduction and fertility
o   Birth or developmental effects
o   Persistent and bioaccumulative
o   Brain and nervous system
o   Immune system (including sensitization and allergies)


·    Since fragrance manufacturers do not need to disclose their ingredients, those lusciously scented soaps may contain phthalates, but you will not see it in the ingredients list.