Friday, September 24, 2010


I began making soap after a dizzying attempt to navigate the complex world of chemical additives and toxins that make up many soaps in the grocery store and even many of those pretty handmade soaps at the farmers market and online. After making a detailed list of which ingredients are carcinogens and which are xenoestrogens or linked to cancer, then foolhardily comparing my list with various product’s ingredients in the hope of being enlightened… I decided the best and only way for me to really know and feel good about the  soap I use was to make it myself!

I am a grantwriter by trade but an artist at heart and have been a border-line health nut for most of my life. I make all my soap in the kitchen of my little bungalow in Salt Lake City using only natural ingredients to create fun, fancy soap you can feel good about using. I hope this blog can be a resource for soapers, bathers and artists as well. God knows, I make enough mistakes (in soap AND in life)  for us all to learn from!

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