Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Soap and Social Media

Facebook is a great place to
showcase your soap... but be
careful what else you're
Facebook is a wonderful tool to catch up with old friends, stay in touch with family and even promote your business. One of the things I like most is connecting with other soap makers to network, learn new tips and tricks and drool over their amazing creations! But as wonderful as all this is, Facebook can also lead to huge disappointments and even hurt your business if you let your posts stray too far from your page’s purpose. I’m sure none of your fans will boycott your page just because you post the occasional off topic tidbit, but it depends what that tidbit is…

I recently became totally disillusioned with one of my all time favorite soap makers after they posted a politically charged edict that, not only had nothing to do with soap, but was divisive, self-important and down-right antagonistic. It revealed to me their ideology, their values and how they spend the money they make off of customers (like me)…none of which I agree with.  

I will admit that there is nothing wrong with having opinions… even strong ones, but if you are going to try to grow or promote a business online, you better be careful about how and to whom you are revealing your opinions. I still love this persons soap… but I will absolutely NEVER give them another dime AND if they continue to use their soap page to push their political agenda… I will also “unlike” their page, essentially making them invisible to hundreds of potential customers hiding in my friends list.

My 3 rules for social media:

Keep it positive.
Keep it neutral.
Keep it clean

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